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  Field TopMaker

The Field TopMaker essentially harvests the entire top layer of the turf and leaves the root zone intact for regeneration. A typical hybrid Bermuda field can be dethatched, regenerated and ready for play within 8 to 10 weeks, given ideal temperatures.

Examples of the Field TopMaker's many uses are:

  • The control of unwanted grasses/weeds such as Paramatta Grass, Love grass and Poa Annua.

  • Removing the top layer of unwanted contaminants that slow drainage on athletic fields as well as golf greens.

  • Removing surface irregularities, resulting in a smoother, safer and more level playing surface.

  • More details available here...
Field Topmaker machine
Field TopMaker machine
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3 tonne Tipper Trailer for harvest collection
3 tonne Tipper Trailer for harvest collection

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