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The Verti-Drain is a very effective machine in the use of soil aeration, root management and soil decompaction.


Tines Hollow tines - from 10mm. x 125mm. to 24mm. x 250mm. depth.

Solid tines - from 5mm. x 125mm. depth to 18mm. x 300mm. depth.


Commonly used spacings include:

12mm solid tines @ 65mm. spacings to 200mm. depth

  18mm. solid tines @ 130mm. spacings to 250mm. depth.
This machine can reach depths of up to 300mm.
Verti-Drain's parallelogram design shatters the soil
Verti-Drain's parallelogram design shatters the soil.
Coring tines are also available.
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Verti-drain Verti-drain

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